Experiencing menopause issues can leave you feeling frustrated, like you no longer have control over your life & health.

Linda Ryan- Founder of MARA Fertility Acupuncture ClinicI know because I had my own difficulty with hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin & more.

Hi, I’m Linda Ryan, Menopause Acupuncturist: Having overcome my own menopause issues is what drives me to help women like you to achieve the results that I made happen for myself.

The MARA Menopause Acupuncture Clinic & Specialist Menopause Acupuncturist

Don’t worry, there are no false promises here & no inflated statistics, just trust & support mixed with a whole lot of reality based experience & expertise to help you.

“I just love that moment when my patients experience their first improvements & they start to really feel back in control of their lives & future again”-Linda Ryan, Menopause Acupuncturist

I work every day with women & their unique reproductive issues. Over the past 15 years my passion & commitment to my work has engendered the trust & respect of not only my patients, but also well respected professionals such as Sean Boylan (Former Meath County Football Manager & renowned herbalist), many Doctors, Gynaecologists & IVF Clinics all over Ireland.  I am even authorised to administer acupuncture on site in IVF Clinics in Ireland such as SIMS.

Everything I have personally experienced overcoming my own fertility & menopause issues & all the knowledge that I have gained over the years in my clinic is there for you, my patients, available to help you to smooth the transition through menopause.

Linda Ryan, B.A., Lic. TCM, CH, menopause acupuncturist

Linda Ryan was born in New York. Linda has been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Ireland for over 15 years now. Her interest in acupuncture was originally sparked by her own experience of fertility difficulties & the ultimate success to which she credits acupuncture for infertility. Following that, her own experience with Menopause symptoms once again led her to seek out the best cures & remedies for this time of life which has contributed to her being the sought after menopause acupuncturist in Ireland. Years ago Linda also recognised the vital need to reduce the stress associated with infertility & menopause.  She sought further training in Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Meditation. She lives in Co. Kildare with her husband & 3 children.

Over the years Linda has become a trusted menopause acupuncturist authority in Ireland in the field of Menopause Acupuncture.  Linda has been referred to as a Leader in the field of Women’s Reproductive Issues as she genuinely only treats women’s Reproductive Issues such as Menopause. Linda’s clinic, The MARA Menopause Acupuncture Clinic, has stood the test of time & to this day continues to only treat Women’s Reproductive Issues.  Linda has developed pioneering  acupuncture treatment programmes for Menopause & enjoys educating other acupuncturists.  Linda has developed a network of trusted acupuncturists, nutritionists & other reputable therapists that she is happy to refer you to because she is confident in their level of skills & ethics.

Linda Ryan has a Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ireland.  She is also a member in good standing with the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association of Ireland*. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in New York, Linda obtained her qualification and clinical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at The Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine+. She sought specialised fertility training under such fertility acupuncture and IVF experts as Zita West and has furthered her studies and deepened her Acupuncture practice with international leaders in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Linda Ryan is a member of the Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist Network for 2013 and a student of Jeffrey Yuen, NY.

*The Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association of Ireland is the largest Regulatory Body for the Practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Ireland. The AFPA is also a member of The European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.
+The Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the only TCM school in Ireland to be formally affiliated with Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China