Nourish Yourself


Nourish Yourself to Beat Menopause!

This is a time of your life that nourishing yourself is key to overcoming the obstacles that menopause can bring.

In Chinese Medicine they refer to this time in a woman’s life as “Second Spring”.  Menopause is viewed as a time of opportunity to blossom.

Which, let’s be honest, seems airy fairy when you’re suffering with hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, dry skin, feelings of anger & bouts of crying (just to name a few things that can happen).  You see you’ve spent your life giving out of yourself & your resources to others, to a job, to cleaning your home, etc..

Things get shaken up and broken down to be rebuilt. Now is the time to rejuvinate, restore, replenish. Rebuild something better, new & improved-a better you.

The key is to Nourish yourself now physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. That happens when:

  1. you make it a priority &
  2. you pay attention to your needs &
  3. then you go about fulfilling those needs.

Yang Shen is the Chinese term for nourish life.

Choose to nourish your life &

you can beat the ill effects of menopause &

you will make a better you.

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Things you can do today to start to Nourishing Yourself:

Nourish Yourself Physically:

  • drink adequate water
  • take some exercise every day-at least a 20 minute walk
  • eat more vegetables
  • cut down on sugar
  • take some supplements
  • establish a bedtime routine for better sleep
  • cut down on caffeine
  • cut down on alcohol

Nourish Yourself Mentally:

  • start your day with a positive saying/intention/mantra: not sure what it should be? Then,
  • take stock of your thoughts by keeping a journal: This will show you what negative thoughts you think about yourself & your life as well as what positive thoughts you think & what you value.  Use this information to address your needs & make good changes in your life
  • end your day by writing down 3 good things that happened to you during your day: it can be as simple as seeing a butterfly or hearing birds singing
  • do some different things from your normal routine to stimulate your brain: this can be as simple as brushing your teeth with a different hand or chewing on the opposite side of your mouth or you can be more adventurous and try new foods or travel to new locations to see new things.
  • meditate at some point during the day

Nourish Yourself Emotionally:

  • take stock of the emotions you feel by keeping a journal: This will show you what emotions you are experiencing. Use this information to address your needs & make good changes in your life
  • this is a time when unmet needs pop up with strong feelings of emotion attached to them. Things we may have put up with or even saying yes to things when we want to say no tend to bubble up to the surface & a voice inside says, “I matter, what I want matters”.  Take stock of what matters to you & then formulate a plan on how you will attain those things going forward. Repeating the mantra: ” I have  patience because I know that I can always act at a later time” is helpful for those times when you experience strong emotions like anger or deep sadness.

Nourish Yourself Spiritually:

  • have some fun
  • do something creative
  • spend time in nature
  • spend time with people that make you feel good & loved
  • meditate

Experiencing menopause issues can leave you feeling frustrated, like you no longer have control over your life & health.

Linda Ryan- Founder of MARA Fertility Acupuncture ClinicI know because I had my own difficulty with hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin & more.

Hi, I’m Linda Ryan, Menopause Acupuncturist: Having overcome my own menopause issues is what drives me to help women like you to achieve the results that I made happen for myself.