We are very excited to announce that coming very soon
we will be opening up an online shop!!!

To help get you started nourishing yourself, there will be some free meditations available for you to download in the shop:

The free self-nourishing one will be a great place to start taking back control of your life! The free relaxation one is also great for reducing stress & helping with sleep, so do check back & check it out.


Experiencing menopause issues can leave you feeling frustrated, like you no longer have control over your life & health.

Linda Ryan- Founder of MARA Fertility Acupuncture ClinicI know because I had my own difficulty with hot flashes, insomnia, dry skin & weight gain.

Hi, I’m Linda Ryan, Menopause Acupuncturist: Having overcome my own menopause issues is what drives me to help women like you to achieve the results that I made happen for myself.